I'm a singer-songwriter from LA and Tokyo. It took me two decades to release music after writing my first original song. I must say I didn't plan this. It just happened during the pandemic — I suddenly realized what makes me happy is to sing and share my everyday songs to the people around me that I care for. To everyone who are just trying to live their best lives each day.

I'm proud to say that my music is not groundbreaking or life-changing. It's just everyday music that you can listen to and feel relaxed. It may not change your world tomorrow, but it will definitely add happiness to your life today. And that's what is important for me.

Please feel free to channel your feelings and emotions through my music. That would make me really happy and leave me nothing more to say.

The journey of mine as a singer-songwriter has just begun. So please bear with me - I still have a lot to work on. But I'm excited as ever and I want you to witness this journey along my side. Cheers!

Fun facts about Ninonina:
- Born in the US
- Spent life half and half in the US and Japan
- Very optimistic
- Loves balance
- Received a C for music classes in elementary school
- First song to cover was More Than Words
- Believes music and all other art forms can save the world

Thoughts on Anchor 

So, I am releasing my new song, Anchor. To understand this song, you have to look way back in time. I was 18. And that was the time when I had my first moment of realizing what love might mean to me. Just as the song title, I felt that I wanted to become someone's anchor - absolutely the first time in my life. But people forget. Humans are made that way. Long time has passed. However, I noticed that the notion was kept in the corner of my head, just hidden in a drawer. After decades, I was still thinking what love means to me. What color does it have? I'm very close to figuring it out but wanted to create a song to give myself an answer for now. I thought, "You can't describe the color of love. That is why it's special." So here, I present to you the cover art that I drew, which is a blob of colors. Indescribable is beautiful. Not all things have to be explained clearly because you will know when the time comes. I believe so. Long story short, I just hope you enjoy the journey of listening to this song as much as I do. Cheers.