Thoughts on Anchor

So, I am releasing my new song, Anchor. To understand this song, you have to look way back in time. I was 18. And that was the time when I had my first moment of realizing what love might mean to me. Just as the song title, I felt that I wanted to become someone's anchor - absolutely the first time in my life. But people forget. Humans are made that way. Long time has passed. However, I noticed that the notion was kept in the corner of my head, just hidden in a drawer. After decades, I was still thinking what love means to me. What color does it have? I'm very close to figuring it out but wanted to create a song to give myself an answer for now. I thought, "You can't describe the color of love. That is why it's special." So here, I present to you the cover art that I drew, which is a blob of colors. Indescribable is beautiful. Not all things have to be explained clearly because you will know when the time comes. I believe so. Long story short, I just hope you enjoy the journey of listening to this song as much as I do. Cheers.

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